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“Heba Aboamou  Accounting and Financial Consulting Firm is a leading company specialized in the field of accounting, auditing, financial consulting, and administrative services. It also provides business consultancy, financial services, and company establishment.

Heba Aboamou is a certified Chartered accountant and tax expert with over 18 years of experience in auditing, monitoring, and reviewing accounts. She obtained a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Accounting in 2005, marking the beginning of her journey in the field of accounting. Over the years, she acquired a Practicing Certificate from the Chamber of Commerce and an accredited Auditor Certificate from the Ministry of Finance.

Through her years of work, Heba Aboamou has gained the trust of her clients, leading her to establish her company in Egypt in 2014 (Heba Aboamou Accounting), headquartered in Al-Mahalla Al-Kubra city. She then expanded to the United Arab Emirates, establishing her company in Dubai to serve the Gulf region, specifically the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. She obtained accreditation from the Dubai government and successfully obtained the Financial Accounting Certificate (F.A.C) and the Tax Accounting Certificate (T.A.C) accredited by the Dubai government.

Heba Aboamou believes in partnership and providing services to a group of major companies in Egypt, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. She is dedicated to utilizing her scientific knowledge and practical abilities not only to support her clients in the field of accounting but also to recommend solutions that help them successfully deal with any challenges in the fields of business, financial consultancy, and tax services, enabling the growth and development of their businesses in the present and future.”