Establishing a company in the UAE is related to obtaining commercial licenses compatible with your activity. By opening a license in the UAE, we find that the type of commercial or economic license is related to the nature of the activity that will be practiced. Below are the 11 most important categories of commercial licenses and the most used among entrepreneurs, whether in the local market or free zones.

  • General trading license: 

The general trading license includes more trade-related activities as well, under which you can purchase products and perform all packaging requirements according to the agreements made between the company and the owner of the product.

The free trade license is considered more flexible than the economic commercial licenses, so you find it the most circulated among investors, as it allows them to conclude more partnerships with different specifications and agreements according to the existing commercial activity.

  • Dealer license:

The merchant license is a smaller version of the commercial license, but it is issued to residents of the United Arab Emirates only to carry out commercial activities from home only through e-commerce websites.

This was activated to open a commercial license in Dubai for home trade to provide the necessary facilities to encourage small investors to continue their promising commercial work, noting that the merchant license includes the merchant obtaining membership in the Dubai Chamber to help them get acquainted with the commercial market closely, interact with investors, and obtain guiding recommendations for developing their business.

  • Industry Pioneers License:

The powers of the industrial license focus on establishing a company or an industrial establishment to practice one or several industrial activities in one field. Industrial licenses include all industries that are available to be practiced within the United Arab Emirates.

Keeping in mind that the powers of industrial licenses differ according to the identity of the founder or owner of the company, as there are some industries that are prohibited for non-citizens, such as mining and oil processing industries.

  • Professional licenses:

Professional licenses are related to professional activity only, for example an educational professional license is granted to teachers, or a professional license for financial, engineering or investment consultancy to companies specialized in the fields of accounting, engineering design or business establishment.

Professional licenses also include some crafts that require high skill, such as health or agricultural licenses, and other works that are based on the skill and extensive experience that an individual possesses and wants to use it to help others and provide advice through a consulting office or doing his own business.

  • Free profession license:

The liberal professions license targets experts and specialists in certain technical fields, whether citizens or expatriates, and allows them to provide their services remotely without any due fees or taxes. The main objective of issuing this type of license revolves around reducing the unemployment rate and improving income groups.

Its issuance only requires proof of specialization in a specific technical field, whether through documented academic certificates or accredited experience certificates, noting that opening a commercial license in Dubai for free professions allows non-nationals to obtain family residency in the UAE without restrictions.

  •  Event organizing license:

Event licenses include all categories of events, whether political, sports or entertainment such as festivals, parties and exhibitions, as well as scientific and educational events such as seminars, conferences, workshops and others. This license is limited to organizational activities only, such as planning, organizing and controlling.

  • Business operation license:

Business operation licenses enable their owners to provide all necessary services to investors to establish their business in the UAE. For example, under this license, you can provide entrepreneurs with lease contracts for their company’s sites, help them own a suitable site for the company, or prepare the company to obtain some licenses necessary to operate.

  • Tourist license:

Tourism licenses are concerned with companies and institutions working in the fields of tourism and hospitality, whether internal or external tourism, and aim to monitor these institutions to ensure the provision of service at the best possible level, and on the other hand to provide the necessary facilities to support this important sector.

  • Virtual license:

Foreign investors who are not residents of the UAE need to obtain virtual licenses, which are obtained electronically to allow the investor to establish a limited liability company or a one-person company, noting that they are limited to 13 sectors only, including:

(Agriculture – industry – contracting work – maintenance work – retail sale – transport activities – service field – real estate investment – business operation sector – organizing events – free trade – import and export)

  • Dubai instant license:

The instant license came as one of the fruits of the Dubai Economic Initiative to support the business community and simplify the procedures for opening a commercial license in Dubai. Until now, instant licenses are the first choice for entrepreneurs, whether citizens or visitors to the UAE markets.

What is the instant license and how to obtain it?

The Dubai instant license is a permit to practice the activity without the need to own a company headquarters in the UAE or a contract of incorporation for the company, and it is obtained electronically in less than an hour through the official website of the Department of Economic Development in Dubai.

It is best for you, if you want to issue a license in Dubai, to cooperate with a specialized company to guide and facilitate all steps and procedures.

Why do you need a specialized company?

Your desire to know the investment steps in Dubai, whether you are thinking of establishing a local company or a free zone company, you need a company that has a thoughtful approach to  establishing  companies in the Emirates , that includes all the services that the investor is looking for to start his activity as quickly as possible, at the lowest cost and with the best level of accuracy And professionalism.

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Types of commercial licenses in the UAE

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