The cost of opening a commercial registry in the UAE

The cost of opening a commercial registry in the UAE

The cost of opening a new commercial registry in Dubai changes continuously according to several factors, the most important of which is the specific size of the company and according to the investor’s choices, as well as according to the place that is chosen in order to open and establish the company in it. It should also be noted that there are many free zones that provide many different services and features. In addition to the fact that the prices of projects and companies in them are suitable for everyone.

The costs of opening a commercial registry in Dubai for foreigners are mainly limited to many expenses that we will learn about through the following points:

  • The total costs required to obtain a commercial license through which to start a business.
  • In addition to the total costs necessary to purchase the company’s site or the new office, which will start work through this site, either through renting or purchasing it.
  • The costs necessary to purchase the requirements and needs of the new company, such as furniture and decorations for this company.
  • Also, the costs required to obtain several work permits for sponsored employees such as visas and documents required for the company.
  • In order to open a commercial registry in Dubai for foreigners, all costs necessary to establish and establish a company must be paid, as it should be noted that the costs of establishing industrial companies are significantly higher than the costs of establishing investment, professional, or commercial companies.
  • As well as the costs required to open a new bank account for the company, and this account must be in the name of the current company.
  • Finally, the total costs of issuing and obtaining a trade license must be paid as soon as possible.

Can a foreigner open a commercial registry in the UAE?

Yes, a foreign investor can open a commercial registry. Heba Abu Ammo Corporation for Companies Creation in Dubai helps you easily open a commercial registry for your company through it. It also provides foreign investors with excellent services in facilitating procedures, even if the investor is not in the UAE

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common questions

  • Can a Khaleeji open a commercial registry in the UAE?

    Foreign investors can open a commercial registry in the Emirates and establish companies, but within the scope of activities permitted to be practiced by UAE law.
  • Is it permissible to open a commercial register in the name of a child?

    The conditions for opening a commercial registry stipulate that the age of the owner of the record must exceed 18 years.


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