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Corporate revaluation services

The steps taken by HAA Heba Abouamou to re-evaluate companies are to conduct an internal audit of the company and audit the accounts in full. This is done by making an assessment of the company during the previous five years in order to predict the company’s position during the next five years. For this we resort to one of these methods.

The 6 most important methods used in evaluating companies:

✴ Valuation method by profit multiplier.

✴ Evaluation method with replacement value. ✴ Adjusted book value valuation method.

✴ The evaluation method is the residual value of the company. ✴ The method of valuation is the net book value of the company.

✴ The evaluation method is the net market value of the company. ✴ The valuation method using discounted cash flow models (the most widely used).

Corporate reassessment process with us

✴ Preparing a list that includes all the company’s external and internal contents, taking care to add all information related to the company, whatever its nature.

✴ Using one of the methods of evaluating companies to start setting the stages that will be relied upon in evaluating the company.

✴Knowing the financial position of the company, the value of its capital, and the shares of shareholders in the capital or work.

✴ Studying the legal status of the company through the assistance of an expert in the law to ensure the application of legal texts on the nature of the company’s work.

✴ Termination of all financial transactions that have been suspended or that have not been completed yet, especially in the event that the company is evaluated for sale.

✴ Provide external shareholders and clients with a brief report on the company’s status if necessary, especially if they have financial rights owed by the company.

✴ Writing and drafting the company’s evaluation report in accordance with the legal and financial rules designated for this type of report, and then handing it over to the official management in the company or to the new owners.

Why do you need a comp revaluation company?

All companies need to be re-evaluated from time to time for several reasons, including:

✴ It helps determine the value of the company’s shares before putting them on the financial market for trading.

✴ The value of the obligations, expenses, and debts incurred by the companies’ work is determined.

✴ Contribute to determining the net value of corporate equity.

✴ Helping in the process of liquidating companies with the aim of selling them, or closing them completely.

✴ It is considered a means of supporting the process of merging companies.

✴ Real values ​​are presented for the shares of partners in joint stock companies, especially if one of the partners wants to sell his share in the company.

Why us?

✴ We are not just a company establishing companies only, but we are a true friend of your journey, as we start with you from the moment you think about establishing a company, through choosing the type of company, choosing the company’s headquarters, completing the procedures and opening the company, and ending with completing all the accounting matters necessary for your company, whether operations Company audit, financial advice or tax agency, or even simple procedures that you may need such as opening bank accounts and other matters.

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