Accounting services


Accounting services are a vital part of running a business and include many services provided by accounting firms to help maintain accurate financial records and comply with approved accounting standards. These services include:

  1. Preparing financial statements: This includes preparing basic financial statements such as the income statement, budget, cash flow statement, and other statements related to the business.
  2. Preparing tax returns: This includes preparing income and sales tax returns, value-added tax and other taxes related to the business.
  3. Payroll and Payroll Administration: This includes preparing payroll, distributing salaries, issuing payment notes and bank deposits, and preparing tax computations related to payroll and payroll.
  4. Providing accounting consultancy: It includes various accounting consultancies such as financial planning, expense management, cost determination, financial data analysis, and advice regarding accounting standards.
  5. Auditing: Accounts are audited to verify the validity of financial records and to ensure compliance with approved accounting standards.
  6. Preparing financial reports: This includes preparing periodic financial reports, reports on customers, suppliers, stocks, human resources, and other reports related to business.

Accounting services help companies run businesses effectively, maintain accurate financial records, and comply with approved accounting standards. They help identify weaknesses in the financial system and identify opportunities to improve the company’s financial performance. Therefore, companies can benefit from accounting services to achieve financial success and excellence in performance.