The cost of a free profession license in the UAE

The cost of a free profession license in the UAE

The cost of a freelance license in Dubai has become one of the most important licenses in the UAE due to the prosperity of the freelance field, which has become a dream and the best way to get a quick profit, as many individuals rely on it as a basic job, but can you work as a freelancer without a license?

Self-employment is the perfect and best option for anyone who wants to work in an easy and comfortable way at any time without restrictions, and in the end he will be able to get the best possible results and make more money, as these licenses are characterized by allowing young people to practice various and multiple activities without the need for a headquarters essential to the company.

The UAE has stated the necessity of obtaining a self-employment license for everyone who works in the free professions, and in this article you will learn about the cost of a self-employed license in Dubai, how to obtain a license, and what are its advantages, so that you can work completely legally.

About the self-employment license in Dubai

The self-employment license has developed in the UAE due to the development of technology in the world, especially in the United Arab Emirates. Many large companies and institutions have been keen to convert all their businesses to the technological scope, thanks to the countless advantages, positives and services it provides that bring more benefits to their owners, so Work permits called “self-employment license” have been issued.

For example, the free business license allows businessmen, companies, and investors to benefit as much as possible from their various talents and capabilities, and works to properly harness them in the labor market in the UAE.

One of the most important advantages of a self-employment license is that it does not need to implement many conditions and requirements, nor does it require a main headquarters for the company to be able to do business through it, as they can work anywhere and at any time, so in the event that you are freelancing, here are the most important details about Free professions license and how to issue it.

What is the cost of Dubai liberal professions license?

The cost of a free profession license in Dubai varies according to the type of activity and according to many other factors, but in general we can say that the cost of a free profession license starts from 500 AED, according to the customer service center located in the Department of Economic Development.

Therefore, through the following points, we will get acquainted with the most important and prominent benefits that everyone who wants to obtain a free professions license obtains:

  • The liberal professions license stimulates and develops investment in the United Arab Emirates and encourages many young people to enter the world of investment and make profits.
  • It also helps to improve and develop income for many different segments, both Emirati citizens and residents.
  • It helps create free job opportunities. These opportunities will work to achieve added value for all business sectors.
  • When obtaining a liberal professions license, this will help encourage people to participate in the labor market throughout the Emirates, but make sure that you first know the cost of a Dubai liberal professions license.
  • Also, the cost of a Dubai liberal professions license is reasonable and suitable for all categories of young people who are beginners in the field of investment, and it also gives them the opportunity to make profits in an easy and fast way.

How to obtain a free profession license?

The importance of obtaining licenses legally and properly is to protect you and your business from legal liability, so here are the steps for obtaining a Dubai Free Profession License:

  • Choosing a trade name for your self-employment, a name must be chosen in both Arabic and English.
  • The type of economic activity must also be determined, according to the approved list that appears in front of you on the home page of the site, as the Department of Economic Development provides a wide variety of activities.
  • To obtain a freelance license completely legally, be sure to fill out and enter all the required data in an accurate manner, including the phone number and email of the user.
  • In addition to the importance of filling out all the information related to the owner of the self-employment license, by entering the Emirates ID card for citizens and entering the passport number for residents.
  • Care must be taken that the total required costs are paid through the use of a credit card in order to obtain the initial approval for payment, and all fees related to licenses must be paid.

After completing all the previous steps, you will be able to obtain a self-employment license and its financial receipt.

Thus, you will be able to obtain a free profession license in the United Arab Emirates in a legal way.

What advantages do you get from a FreeLancer license in Dubai?

Perhaps the most important factors and factors that make a large number of businessmen, company owners and individuals residing in Abu Dhabi keen to enter the world of self-employment and want to know the cost of a Dubai freelance license, is that it provides a wide range of different features and services that help them reach Objectives and achieving the required wishes easily.

The most important and prominent advantages of obtaining a liberal professions license:

  • Economic activities and various fields

It is worth noting that the Department of Economic Development allows those who wish to practice self-employment in the Emirates more than 48 different economic activities. These activities can choose the best and most appropriate among them, including: fashion and clothing design, photography studios, photography of parties, events and birthdays, in addition to Organizing events and parties, working in the field of gift wrapping, designing accessories, jewelry, and precious and valuable ornaments.

Economic activities also include various and multiple design services, in addition to designing and creating informational web sites, managing commercial projects. You can also work in the field of translation of publications, drawing and calligraphy, managing all electronic marketing operations, statistical consulting, and you can also enter into the field of computer hardware and equipment. Automated or real estate field.

  • Improving the business environment and providing more self-employment opportunities

One of the most important advantages of obtaining a Dubai freelance license is that it plays an important role in improving and stimulating the business environment and providing more self-employment opportunities in the United Arab Emirates, whether for citizens, residents or non-nationals, and this distinctive license helps the service sector to reach the best results possible.

In addition, it works to designate all fields and specializations that people need, and it also helps to provide many services that meet all the needs and requirements of citizens, so young people want to know the cost of the Dubai Free Professions License for the possibility of obtaining all these advantages.

  • Regulations and requirements for self-employment in Abu Dhabi

One of the most important advantages of obtaining a self-employment license in the UAE is that it does not need many conditions and controls for the possibility of practicing this business. Accredited achievements must also be submitted.

As for those who apply for a license and wish to know the cost of a free professions license in Dubai, who is already working in any of the government agencies, in this case it is required that approval be obtained from the employer in which he works, in addition to the importance of providing all the general requirements.

  • The advantage of obtaining a residence visa

Upon obtaining a Dubai freelance license, the applicant for this license will be able to obtain a residence visa for himself and all family members, but it does not give him the authority to recruit more workers for the possibility of working in this field, and he can practice self-employment remotely without having to choose The main headquarters of the company or work at specific times per day.

In addition, the Dubai freelance license improves and develops the income of all different segments of society and helps them live a calm, comfortable life free of many problems, and therefore we can say that anyone can enter the world of self-employment in order to be able to achieve as much as possible. of profits, but care must be taken to know the cost of the Dubai liberal professions license.

What are the areas of self-employment in Abu Dhabi?

The Department of Economic Development has identified areas of self-employment in Abu Dhabi through a variety of economic activities that amount to more than 48 activities that you can practice once you obtain a Dubai Freelancer license, and the owner of a Dubai Freelancer license does not need an Emirati citizen partner or an agent dedicated to local services.

  • The field of designing clothes and fashion for men, women and children.
  • In addition to the possibility of entering the field of designing valuable and precious accessories and jewelry.
  • The field of shooting personal videos and taking photographs.
  • The field of designing and creating websites is also considered one of the areas of free business in Abu Dhabi.
  • Design and management of commercial, industrial or professional projects.
  • field of agricultural extension in the UAE.
  • You must know the cost of a Dubai liberal professions license in order to be able to enter the field of organizing happy events and parties.
  • The field of translation and content writing through the use of various websites.
  • It is also possible to enter the field of providing economic feasibility studies and human resources.
  • The field of engineering and architectural graphics and directing.
  • In the event that you are an expert and specialist in marketing, you can enter the field of managing electronic marketing operations.
  • The field of flower arrangement, whether natural or artificial, is also considered one of the free business fields in Abu Dhabi. What are the conditions for obtaining a free profession license in Dubai?

What are the conditions for obtaining a liberal professions license in Dubai?

The UAE law defines a set of conditions and requirements for obtaining a free professions license in Dubai, and requirements for those who wish to apply for a Dubai Freelancer license, the most important of which are:

  • All required papers and documents must be provided and the information must be filled in correctly and accurately, according to the methods used in the United Arab Emirates.
  • Submission of all evidence, whether academic certificates or certificates of experience and specialization in a specific economic activity.
  • As for the person who requests a Dubai Freelancer license while he is residing outside the country, he must obtain approval from the employer, whether he is a government employee or an employee in the private sector.
  • There are also some requirements that must be provided, such as the full name of the license applicant, the passport number in case the applicant is not an Emirati citizen, in addition to the phone number and e-mail address.
  • The UAE Pass account of a citizen and resident of the United Arab Emirates must be presented.

As for the applicant who wants to obtain a Dubai Freelancer license and already resides in the UAE, there are some documents and papers that must be available, namely:

  • A work no-objection certificate must be submitted if the applicant works in a government agency.
  • In the event that the student works in the private sector under a permanent contract, he must submit a no-objection certificate from the employer in Arabic and direct it to the Department of Economic Development in Abu Dhabi.

Not all individuals, in UAE law, are eligible to obtain a self-employment license, so we will show you who are eligible to obtain the license.


5 people are eligible for a Dubai Freelancer license!

  1. Professionals and employees with long experience in any of the fields and economic activities listed in the previous paragraphs.
  2. In addition to full-time professionals who want to enter the world of private business in order to make profits.
  3. A self-employment license is also available to housewives or retired people who want to start a new career.
  4. Employees who lost their jobs due to the Corona pandemic but wish to live in the United Arab Emirates.
  5. It is also possible for technical staff who want to do additional work in addition to their basic jobs.

How can HAA Accounting help you obtain a free profession license?

  • It has many years of experience and knowledge in the field of investment and commercial projects, so it is able to provide the best and fastest solutions to the problems that customers may face.
  • It has a large group of experts and specialists in this field who help the client to reach the best possible results.
  • It provides many services such as the issuance of a commercial, professional, industrial or professional license.
  • It allows the customer to obtain the service of issuing a free profession license.
  • It provides a lot of services for renewing or issuing residence and visit visas, or canceling visas for workers in the United Arab Emirates.
  • Hamm Company is characterized by providing businessmen and young people who are new to the field of investment with distinguished services that help them establish companies and follow up on all daily transactions.
  • It helps the client to choose the most appropriate economic activity and to choose the best locations in the Emirates to conduct his business.
  • Multiple services that you can benefit from upon incorporation, such as:  feasibility studies , and bank account opening services .

In addition to the above, an important team provides business advice, clarifies a good plan that helps in establishing companies in the Emirates easily, and understands all the investment steps in Dubai. Contact us now to book your free consultation and discuss your project.

The cost of a free profession license in the UAE

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