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What is the public relations officer service?

In view of the numerous legal and administrative procedures associated with establishing companies within the Emirate of Dubai, which you are definitely indispensable as an investor or business owner and you have enough in your agenda to accomplish it, the services of the public relations officer from “HA” company, Heba Abu Ammo, came to be one of the solutions that save a lot of money. time and effort for you, and to ensure that all operations are carried out completely legally and accurately.

It may be difficult for the owner of the company or establishment to remember the dates of renewal of licenses, the amendments made to labor or immigration laws that must be adhered to, or other government procedures related to his own work. Therefore, we appoint a person specialized in the services of a public relations officer, and his task is to prepare a list of all procedures with their allotted dates, so that he carries out all these procedures first, and represents the company fully, thus saving a lot of trouble and wasting time on the company’s work team.

Public relations officer services provided by our company

Our company provides all the services of a public relations officer in the best possible quality and form through its professional team that is aware of all new things regarding the procedures for establishing companies, including the services of a public relations officer. These services include:

✴ Audit services.                                       ✴ Provide business support services.                              ✴ Modify licenses for customers.

✴ Appointing a special expert for each region, whether it is a free zone, a mainland zone, or an offshore zone.

✴ Assist customers in obtaining a driver’s license.                                         ✴ Digital signature and verification of documents.

✴ Ratification and authentication of documents                                                            ✴ Drafting memorandums of understanding.

✴ Handling visa applications for investors, including his family and employees.

✴ Buying and selling real estate, as well as providing clients with relevant information as needed.

✴ Obtaining a certificate from the Chamber of Commerce.            ✴ Facilitate business operations without any stress. ✴ Create companies

✴ Determine the appropriate sites for establishing a company in the United Arab Emirates.

✴ Assisting customers in opening branch offices in the United Arab Emirates.

✴ Provide business support services.                        ✴ Receipt and delivery of documents. ✴ Renewal and modification of business cards.

✴ Emirates ID management and car registration for the client’s company

✴ Opening corporate bank accounts for clients, as well as assisting clients in banking matters.

✴ Providing specialized services such as residential visas, as well as submission and document clearance.

✴ Processing general commercial and professional licenses in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE.

✴ Procedures for obtaining health and life insurance for business owners and their employees, in addition to insurance for offices and cars.

✴ Reminding clients of the necessary renewals, especially the annual renewal of the company’s license.

✴ Take charge of the import and export license.                                           ✴ Representing clients in all government transactions.

✴Quick processing of new commercial license requests.                       ✴ Take charge of registration and renewal in the mailbox.

✴ Express processing of visa and immigration applications.


Why us?

✴ We are not just a company establishing companies only, but we are a true friend of your journey, as we start with you from the moment you think about establishing a company, through choosing the type of company, choosing the company’s headquarters, completing the procedures and opening the company, and ending with completing all the accounting matters necessary for your company, whether operations Company audit, financial advice or tax agency, or even simple procedures that you may need such as opening bank accounts and other matters.

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