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What is the trademark registration service?

According to the expansion and spread witnessed by the local and global market, a deterrent law had to be put in place to prevent companies from using a similar identity where the user can differentiate between each other. So, the first step when considering opening a company in the UAE is to register the trademark. In “HA”, our organization, we are aware of the difficulties that you may face during registration, so we offer trademark registration services in Dubai.

The trademark is the identity of each company, and in order to preserve this identity, new companies must register the trademark, which is protected by intellectual property law. Here are the papers and steps required to register a trademark.

What can be registered as trademarks in Dubai?

In the event that you want to establish your own company, it is preferable that you register your trademark so that your name or trademark will not be stolen or imitated. Your brand may be a company to provide a specific service or product or any kind of thing that can be sold and bought. 

What are the documents required to register a trademark?

There are some necessary documents that must be submitted to the Ministry of Economy, namely: 

✴ Legal agency.

✴ A copy of the commercial license.

✴ Brand image.

✴ A copy of the passport.

✴Priority document.

In order to register a trademark, a number of documents must be submitted, which include:

  • Request for trademark registration for the purpose of customs protection.
  • Provide proof of identity of the trademark owner or his agent.
  • A true copy of a valid trademark registration certificate.
  • A copy of the legal agency.
  • A DVD that includes the latest brand details and features.

Trademark registration steps:

1- A soft copy of your black and white commercial photo.

2- Power of attorney designating our company to act and act on your behalf.

3- A copy of the certificate of incorporation of the applicant.

4- A copy of the applicant’s passport.

4- Trademark registration certificates, if registered in any other country.

Conditions for trademark registration in the UAE:

In order to register your trademark in Dubai and in the UAE in general, you need to ensure that the trademark meets the following conditions:

  • The trademark must be free from any distinctive feature or character.

  •  The trademark must be free from any signs that violate public morals or violate public order.

  •  The trademark must be free of public logos, flags, symbols of the country or any Arab or international organization, or any concerned institution or any foreign country.

  • The trademark must be free from crescent, red cross, or any other similar symbols.

  • The trademark must be free from any religious tinge.

  • The trademark must be free of geographical names that may confuse the source or origin of the product.

  • A trademark must not bear the name, surname, image or logo of a person without his official approval.

  • Marks owned by natural or legal persons with whom dealings are prohibited may not be used.

  • It is not possible to degrade or disparage other similar brands by your own trademark.

  • Trademarks must be free of national or foreign decorations or coins and notes.

  • A brand name cannot bear a trade name translated from another mark.

Steps to renew the trademark:

  • A trademark renewal application must first be submitted through the website of the Ministry of Economy.

  • The renewal application is transferred to the relevant department in order to approve it and inform the applicant officially of the decision.

  • After that, the trademark renewal fees must be paid. 

  •  After that, the applicant publishes an announcement of the renewal decision in two official Arabic newspapers.

  • Pictures of local publication advertisements must be uploaded to the online application, and then a renewal certificate will be issued.

    • Finally, it is published in the Trademarks Bulletin.

    Why do you need a company that will register the trademark for you?

    To register your company trademark, you have to submit all the papers mentioned above and wait for a response after 30 days from the date of submitting the application. Which may cause a lot of disruption to your business, especially if you are not an Emirati citizen and want to set up your own company in the UAE. Therefore, the company “HA” Heba Abouammo offers you trademark registration services without the need to waste a lot of time and effort.

    As one of the best companies providing trademark registration services in the UAE. “HA” Heba Abu Ammo “guarantees that you will be aware of the trademark registration process in the Emirates, especially in Dubai, through:

    1- Ensure that the brand logo is present

    2- Handling trademark errors submitted

    3- Ensure that intellectual property rights comply with the law

    4- Ensure that there is a commercial symbol.

What are the advantages of the trademark registration service provided through us?

By dealing with our company, you guarantee professionalism and safety, thanks to the company’s professional team.

The “HA” team is always aware of all that is new regarding laws and amendments that occur in the country, which saves you from following up on these matters, as well as saving you time and effort.

HA saves your time, as it can complete the trademark registration in a short time and with high professionalism.

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