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Heba Abu Ammo HA Foundation for issuing visas in the Emirates

Issuing United Arab Emirates visas is one of the additional services provided by HA Company – Heba Abouammo – to its clients wishing to establish their companies within the Emirate of Dubai and other Emirates. Among the types of visas that we can obtain: 

Who is the company HA “Heba Abouammo”?

HA Company “Heba Abu Ammo” is one of the leading companies in the field of business consulting and accounting auditing, with 10 years of experience in the field in the Arab Republic of Egypt, which enabled it to open its second branch to deal with entities within the United Arab Emirates. One of the services that HA “Heba Abouammo” provides efficiently and efficiently is the visa issuance service.

What is the visa issuance service?

Sometimes the investor who wants to establish his own company in the Emirates of any kind needs to bring in labor from abroad, and the same person may need to obtain his own visa. HA Company “Heba Abou Ammo” carries out all the legal and administrative procedures that are required to obtain work visas, whether for himself or for the labor he recruits.


Steps to obtain visas within the United Arab Emirates

HA company “Heba Abu Ammo” provides visa issuance services of any kind through fast and guaranteed work steps, so that the owner of the company who establishes his company does not need any other party that may cause more time to be wasted, or it does not require him to do these procedures himself, which is What may cause extra burden and endless procedures may be completely indispensable.


Mainland Corporate Visa Facility

An electronic quota is granted to each Dubai company established on the mainland. It is quite flexible for mainland companies as they do not have any visa restrictions. In the event that the size of the company grows to the extent that it requires more workers, then the Ministry of Labor increases the electronic quota. In general, it depends entirely on the region in which the company or organization is located. The bigger the company, the more visas you get. 

 If the size of the company increases to the point where it requires more workers, the Ministry of Labor will increase the electronic quota. Generally, it totally depends on the office area. The more work space you have, the more visas you can get. However, this provision does not apply to permits for couriers, drivers, sales personnel and Public Relations (PRO) personnel.

HA Company “Heba Abu Ammo” is your ideal destination for obtaining visas in the UAE..!

When you choose a business consultant in the UAE, it is imperative that you choose a company that has ample and sufficient knowledge in providing first-class services to clients from various business sectors and industry sectors. Since Heba Abouammo has been instrumental in supporting many companies and businessmen in establishing and expanding their business operations through smart business consulting services in Egypt, we can provide you with all the support and assistance you need at reasonable prices through our office in Dubai. We provide services across Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm Al Quwain.

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