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Feasibility studies services


Before setting up his company, every project owner thinks about the extent to which the project is financially and administratively viable, and whether he can enter into competition with similar companies in the market, or is the competition too great for him to fight. “HAA” Heba Abouammo provides feasibility studies services, which are carried out by specialists in business consulting and auditing, in order to determine the success of this project and its feasibility for implementation in terms of financial and administrative aspects. Thus, we help the owners of the companies to have a complete and comprehensive vision about the project that it is in the process of implementing.

Feasibility study for your project in 6 steps

With Heba Abouammo Company, get a comprehensive and customized feasibility study, which guarantees you the success of the project, through only 6 steps:

✴ Preparing an adequate budget for the project. ✴ Conduct a survey of the current market. ✴ Conducting a preliminary analysis of the project in all respects.

✴ Review and analyze all data. ✴ Prepare a statement of expected profits ✴ Develop a plan to organize the business.


Types of feasibility studies that we offer at “HAA”

Technical feasibility study

This study deals with both the administrative and the technical aspects.

As well as the raw materials and technical labor that contribute to the production of the product in its final form.

On this basis, a technical study is being conducted to show you all the material and technical needs of the project.

 Financial feasibility study

One of the most important studies that helps you know the final form of the products that are offered. It is the most important aspect of the entire feasibility study, as it determines the success of the project or not.

It is also concerned with the details related to the large financial profit, as well as the financial costs that the project needs.


  ✴ This is a set of studies that are being carried out within Heba Abu Ammo Company, the best feasibility study company in the UAE. It helps you reach your goals by clarifying the smallest details of the proposed project. This requires a team with great experience and competence in carrying out this type of study.

What are the advantages of the feasibility study preparation service provided by “Heba Abu Ammo”?

You may find many people who claim to be able to prepare a feasibility study for your project, but we always guarantee you the best results for these reasons:

 ✴ Our extensive experience in auditing and accounting consulting inside and outside the UAE guarantees you 100% success.

 ✴ Our team is an integrated team that provides many services related to auditing, auditing and other financial aspects, and also provides company establishment and business consulting services.

 ✴ Ensuring the privacy of all corporate papers, which made us the trusted company one of the largest entities and institutions in Egypt and then in the Emirates.

Why do you need a company to do a feasibility study?

 Creating a project requires a lot of effort and costs. It is not easy for a business owner to start a project that is not certain of its success or feasibility. So he often needs a company to do it for him for several reasons:

✴ Provide more accurate and realistic results. The competent companies save time and effort for the project owner.

✴ Providing proposals to correct any error that may lead to the failure of the project.

Why us?

✴ We are not just a company establishing companies only, but we are a true friend of your journey, as we start with you from the moment you think about establishing a company, through choosing the type of company, choosing the company’s headquarters, completing the procedures and opening the company, and ending with completing all the accounting matters necessary for your company, whether operations Company audit, financial advice or tax agency, or even simple procedures that you may need such as opening bank accounts and other matters.

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