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Establishing a company in the UAE

 There are a large number of types of companies that you can establish, especially limited liability companies and one-person companies. All types of companies agree on the procedures that a person wishing to open a company must go through, and fees may vary very slightly.

Conditions for opening a company in the Emirates, especially in the Emirate of Dubai

There are some conditions that must be met by a person who wishes to open a company in the Emirates, especially in the Emirate of Dubai, and we can summarize them as follows: ​

  1. Determine the nature of the activity.
  2. Determine the legal form.
  3. Determine the trade name.
  4. The age shall not be less than 18 years.
  5. Having a valid passport.
  6. Submission of documents and payment of fees.

Advantages of establishing your company in the UAE

     It is not necessary for you to be present in the Emirates during the course of the procedures, but it is necessary to be present only during the residency procedures.

No capital is required, but it is only sufficient that you possess a sufficient amount for the procedures fees related to opening the company.


Types of companies in the UAE that we can set up

Sole Proprietorship – Limited Liability Company – One Person Company – Civil Business Company 


  • Why is our company the ideal destination for setting up and establishing your company in the United Arab Emirates? 

✴ Our proprietary methodology guarantees the completion of the basic procedures in your company within only 3 – 5 days, which is an excellent period for owning your own company.

✴ Our team has a wide variety of experiences, up to 10 years in the field of establishing companies in Egypt and the United Arab Emirates.

✴ Complete transparency when dealing with our customers. You won’t be surprised by hidden fees and won’t be fooled by ads for fake amounts.

✴ We can complete all the steps of establishing a company in Dubai while you are outside the United Arab Emirates (except for the residency step only), so you do not waste any more time.


We are not just a company establishing companies only, but we are true friends for your journey, as we start with you from the moment you think about establishing a company in the Emirates, through choosing the type of company, choosing the company’s headquarters, completing the procedures, and completing all the accounting matters necessary for your company, whether it is audits For the company, financial advice or a tax agency, or even the simple procedures that you may need, such as opening bank accounts and other matters.


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