Modification of business licenses


Business License Amendment Service from “HA”

The process of amending business licenses may be cumbersome for the business owner, as it may require entering into a number of not insignificant details and procedures. Therefore, HA saves you from these long procedures and performs all procedures related to the annual renewal and amendment of commercial licenses. So you can leave the whole thing in the hands of the “HA” team who will take care of all the renovation procedures and all related matters.

The process of amending business licenses goes through 3 steps:

1- Submitting allotted papers according to the type of amendment required.​

2- Collecting approvals to choose a specific business activity where the business activity is controlled by a government department, such as business related to education, medical services, food industry, real estate, civil defense and many others.​

3- Fill in the license registration form and select the required modification to obtain the initial approval.​

What changes can be made during license renewal?

The UAE license provides flexibility in making modifications upon renewal. Then the company can fix many changes during license renewal, such as:

✴ Modify the job site.

✴ Add or remove a partner.

✴ Replace the reported local sponsor.

✴ Change of trade name.

✴ The process of amending a work permit.

✴ Withdraw, add or change business activities.

✴ Making changes in the authorized capital of the company.

Why do you need a company to modify your business license?

Amending business licenses requires performing many legal and administrative procedures and steps, which requires more time and effort, in addition to reviewing all legal steps related to that. Therefore, it is better to leave the whole matter to a competent person or company, as it ensures that they are informed of the laws, and that the procedures are carried out correctly.

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